Easter Egg Hunt Transparency

Make this whimsical transparency to bring warmth and cheer to your home this Easter time. What I love the most about the template for this transparency is that it is suitable for any season. Where we live, Easter arrives as we are welcoming autumn and starting to notice the first leaves beginning to turn on the trees. I made our transparency to reflect this beautiful time of year. If you celebrate Easter in the Spring, cover your tree with green leaves and perhaps some small pink circles for blossom. Maybe you could add some flowers to the ground around the tree. This transparency template could even be used year round, simply replace the Easter eggs in the basket and the child’s hands with flowers, leaves, or other natural treasures.

To make this transparency, download and print the template below. Glue the paper onto an A4 sheet of cardstock and allow the glue to dry completely. Next, use scissors to cut around the outside of the frame and use a craft knife to carefully cut out the picture. Work slowly and carefully, using short cuts and turning the picture when necessary for a better angle. Be particularly careful when cutting the intricate areas such as the people and tree branches.

Once your frame is cut out, you can add the coloured background. Use a glue stick to cover the back of the frame and the image with glue. I then covered the whole of the upper area of the frame with a pale blue tissue paper, adding a strip of green for the grass. I used brown tissue paper for the lower area of the frame below the ground. Continuing to work on the back, you can now add details to your picture. I used a pale and bright yellow semi circle to make the sun. To cut out lots of leaves at once I folded sheets of green and brown tissue paper before cutting out the leaf shapes. I cut Easter eggs from various brightly coloured scraps of tissue paper, placing them in the grass, the basket and the child’s hand. Stick your tissue paper details to the back of your transparency with glue.

When your transparency is finished it can be displayed in a window or placed in a stand on the nature table, with a candle burning behind it.


April 1, 2021 at 9:17 am

You are the SWEETEST to share this. Thank you for all you do Josie, you’re such an inspiration!

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